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Tips to navigate as an international student in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world. It is referred to as the land of fire & ice and its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and friendly people make it an ideal location to study.


Tuition Fees

Universities in Iceland do not charge tuition fees. However, one is required to pay annual registration fees ranging from 100 EUR TO 250 EUR.

Transport & Movement

The public transport system in Iceland is very efficient and reliable. You can use buses and taxis to get around the country. If you want to venture out of the cities, you can rent a car or take a tour van. However, some parts of Iceland, such as the Highlands, are only accessible by 4WD (SUV) vehicles.


If you are looking for student accommodation, they can vary depending on the town or city you reside in. In some cases, you can find people looking for roommates; some may be international students like yourself. These are usually shared common areas, for example, the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.


In the past Icelandic meals were typically meat-based due to a lack of farmable land, now the use of greenhouses is more prevalent allowing the farming of more veggies. The most common foods in Iceland are fish, lamb, and Icelandic skyr (a type of yogurt). For over a thousand years, these have been the mainstays of the Icelandic diet.

Bonus is the most well-known discount retailer in Iceland, as well as Kronan, Netto & Super1, are all cost-effective options you can rely on for your groceries.


Layering is the key to dressing for Iceland’s climate, regardless of the season. If you plan to do any nature touring, you’ll need lightweight woolen clothes, a rain and windproof jacket and trousers, and good walking/hiking shoes. Be sure to carry a bathing suit as one of Iceland’s favorite pastimes is taking a dip in one of the many geothermally-heated pools.

Some of the cheaper stores to buy clothes are H&M, SportsDirect, and Costco. You can expect to get everything you need from undergarments, heavy jackets, and shoes in case you didn’t pack adequately.


Studies show that 11% of Iceland is covered by glaciers. The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable and temperatures can drop quickly. Make sure you check the weather forecast before you travel so you can pack accordingly.

Social Life

People in Iceland are very family-oriented and are therefore a tightly-knit bunch and the same can be said about how they treat others. In your spare time, you can explore the capital since 60% of the population live there, trying out traditional Icelandic foods like smoked fish & pylsa (hotdogs) which are normally enjoyed with more than 3 sauces.

National Geographic has ranked Laugavegur Trail in the Top 20 hiking trails and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to traverse the breathtaking natural landscape Iceland has to offer (including an obsidian desert).


Except when on holiday/break or as part of your vocational training, a student is only permitted to work 15 hours per week. Iceland has been rated as the most welcoming country for foreigners; the job market is always looking for new people in a variety of fields, and the majority of the population speaks English.

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